Everything you’ve ever wanted lies just beyond your comfort zone.

Maybe, you are just like me: you have a job, you have a nice circle with family and friends, you can put food on the table, have a roof over your head, and maybe even one or two – sometimes quite annoying – cats to keep you company. You’re doing OK. You’re comfortable. Sounds nice, right? Well, it’s not!

Being comfortable kills your success and future

Let’s think about that. Comfortable is good, right? It’s something we are all striving for. To have what you need and to be content with that. But… If you’re comfortable, chances are that you’re also a bit stuck. Not in a life that you don’t want, since your life is pretty good. But in a life that could be so much better. That’s what I want to work on, together with you: getting from Average to Awesome. Are you with me?

With love,

AdineAdine, author at Average To Awesome


Your guide to an absolutely awesome life.

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