Tabata Training: Active Body And Mind In 4 Minutes

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Best App For Tabata TrainingI am currently reading Who Says You Can’t You Do by Daniel Chidiac, a book that describes the 7 steps to creating a succesful life. The fifth step of that process is creating a healthy life and part of that healthy life is exercise. According to him, you cannot have an active mind, if you do not have an active body. But how can you fit exercise into an already very busy life? Chidiac suggests the Tabata training. Coincidentally, I participated in a bootcamp this week, where this training was also used. I already thought about implementing it into my daily schedule, but when I read Chidiac’s praise, I thought it would be best to put thoughts into action 🙂

Best way to burn fat

According to Chidiac, Tabata training is a form of HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training, which is proven to be the best form of fat burning. And the basis of Tabata training only takes 4 minutes. That’s even better than the 7-minute work-out that I used to do.

The fastest way to burn fat and get fit

Wat is Tabata?

The idea of the Tabata training, which was developed by Izumi Tabata from Japan, is that you do rounds of 4 minutes. You can do one or you can do multiple rounds. Those sets can consist of a number of exercises. The key is to do them at intervals. For example:

20 seconds C-crunches

10 seconds rest (and turn around)

20 seconds Superman (laying flat on your tummy and raising your breast/shoulders/legs)

10 seconds rest (and turn around)

Every set is 1 minute, so this Tabata training would consist of 4 sets.

How can you start with Tabata training?

I’m all for making everything as easy as possible, which is why I did some research into great Tabata apps. I found the free app Quick 4, which can be downloaded from the stores. The app shows 8 exercises in HD and it has guided audio, so you don’t have to look at it all the time. The fun thing is that you can track your performance and you can get different achievements, such as twice a day or Pro (when you finished 75 sessions). If you want additional features, such as training reminders or weight reminders, you have to pay for it. However, you can start with the free version. It’s easy to use and completely free!

I’ll just set my own reminder to make sure I do at least one every day!

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