5 essential ingredients of a healthy breakfast

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, when you’re stressed and have a lot of work to do, or when you’re just in a hurry because you couldn’t get out of bed, it is also often the first meal to skip. Yet, there’s a good reason not to skip your breakfast: research has shown that people who regularly eat breakfast are leaner, more focused and have better concentration. In other words: if you start your day with a healthy breakfast, you can get a lot more work done and you’ll stay slimmer in the process.

Ingredients of a healthy breakfast

A good breakfast is made up of a few essential ingredients. If you mix and match those, you will get the most out of your breakfast. They are:

  1. Lean protein; they keep you feeling full. Go for eggs or Greek yoghurt.
  2. Whole grain: to keep you sharp and focused. I often go for oat meal.
  3. Fruit: these will provide you with the vitamins, minerals and fibers you need. And they are easy to combine with for example the oat meal and the Greek yoghurt.
  4. Water: you need to stay hydrated and starting the day off with a glass of water does just that. If you want, you can also heat up the water and add a little bit of lemon juice. This will help to get your digestive system started.
  5. Vegetables: maybe not the easiest choice for breakfast, but if you add a carrot or two to your breakfast, it gives you additional fibres and vitamins.

What is your breakfast choice?

I sometimes skip breakfast, but if I do, I always end up eating (snacking) more on that day. Usually I don’t feel like I have the time for breakfast, so I make a quick bowl with quark, oat meal and some (frozen) fruit. Add a glass of water to that and I’m not even doing too bad. However, it is something I would like to make part of my morning ritual: a good, healthy breakfast that will give me a kick-start for the day.

What is your breakfast of choice? And would you like to make any changes in that regard?

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